Meet the Team

Dr. David Plourdé

Dr. David Plourdé holds a Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) with a concentration in interdisciplinary sciences: with specializations in the fields of human nutrition and exercise physiology from Union Institute & University in Cincinnati, Ohio. Prior to receiving his doctoral science credentials, he was a social worker with a background in food addiction recovery, graduating with a bachelor of arts in social work from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

As a devout follower of Jesus Christ, his original intention was to go to seminary after completing his undergraduate degree, however, that all changed after having had a spiritual awakening about the new calling and direction for his life in science.

Dr. Plourdé has been practicing in a laboratory setting studying human nutrition, chemistry, metabolic research, exercise physiology, muscle metabolism, body composition science, the psychology of eating behavior, and food addiction recovery for 31 years (over 84,000 clinical hours).

Thousands of overweight men and women (from California to New York - from Minnesota to south Florida) have successfully lost clinically significant amounts of body fat weight through his scientific weight loss method.

With the help of a team of brilliant field experts - Dr. Plourdé relentlessly pursued three primary objectives in his formal research:

  1. To develop a non-invasive technique to monitor the enzyme mechanism, Hormone Sensitive Lipase (HSL), that regulates the weight of each individual fat cell.
  2. To develop an interdisciplinary scientific method (which eventually became The Plourdé Method ® ) to control the HSL enzyme, and thus reduce fat cell weight and body fat levels in a totally predictable fashion.
  3. To select & establish a statistical tool that would predict when body fat weight loss would biologically plateau in an overweight person - (guided by objective scientific principles) similar to how the yellow light comes on in the dashboard of your vehicle indicating you’ve gone critically low in fuel levels.

Dr. Plourdé was able to accomplish these objectives through the implementation of three human trials, tracking over 308 subjects divided among those three trials over a 15 year period with seven day a week doctor-patient interaction.

The ensuing Plourdé Method® has become the exact road map to successfully navigate your own weight loss journey while benefiting from decades of clinical experience by the nation’s leader in science based weight loss.

Dr. Plourdé is now entering into a new chapter of his career, becoming an author and speaker. His first book will be published within the next year.

If you’d like to explore being a client of Dr. Plourdé, you can simply click this link or call 844-756-8733 and his intake department will assess your readiness and begin the process immediately. If you’d like to hire Dr. Plourdé as a speaker, you may email:

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Sophia Plourdé

Sophia is an Exercise Physiologist and Weight Loss Coach and has completed her bachelor of science & education in health & human performance from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Among her many responsibilities, she has been running the full laboratory at The Plourdé Institute for over 2 years.

Sophia’s passion for nutrition and exercise science began as she watched her father, Dr. Plourdé, live out his mission to help others and it continued to grow as an elite athlete and competitive cheerleader. She had the privilege of going to worlds, as well as cheering at the collegiate level. It was during this time that Sophia discovered her natural leadership skills and fascination for human performance.

She thoroughly enjoys providing our clients with a comfortable and positive experience and prides herself in her excellent customer service. Her goal is to continue to expand her knowledge in all facets of the Plourdé Method ® in order to support our clients in a life-changing transformation.

Alex Kratville

Alex Kratville is a Professional Chef with over 10 years of experience. He has a passion for healthy eating and thoroughly enjoys providing our clients with delicious, nutritious meals.

The origin of his fascination for cooking began as a child when he realized that his talent genuinely brought happiness to others. As a dedicated husband and father he brings that joy to his family, as well.

By combining Dr. Plourdé’s expertise of nutrition, and human metabolism with Chef Alex’s countless hours of culinary experience - our food is both delicious and metabolically optimum for effective fat loss.

We understand how stress, responsibility and the complexities of modern life can make food preparation nearly impossible. Our convenient home delivery service will ensure your weight loss success by removing all the hassle.

Tiffany Plourdé

Tiffany Plourdé is the proud wife of Dr. Plourdé as well as Operations & Vision Manager at The Plourdé Institute. Throughout her life, she has been keenly interested in science and maintained a passion to help people feel their best.

Previously, she had accumulated nearly a decade of experience in management in the retail, salon and spa industries. In 2008, she helped to open a salon, clothing boutique, and spa in Barrington, Illinois. She operated as the General Manager and Spa Manager for for just under 6 years.

She then pivoted in her career path and completed rigorous training in massage therapy at the prestigious Soma Institute in Chicago, Illinois. She has held positions at the Spa @ the Wit, as well as the world renowned, Soho House in Chicago, Illinois - at their spa - Cowshed. As Lead Massage Therapist, she was responsible for training all therapists at that location, in addition to providing massage therapy for clients. Her clientele ranged from CEO’s to famous actors to professional musicians and athletes.

In 2015, Tiffany left Soho House to join her husband at The Plourdé Institute as Practice Manager. Over the past 7 years, her position has evolved since the arrival of their son, William. She is thrilled to walk alongside Dr. Plourdé and The Plourdé Insitute as they pursue the fulfillment of their mission to liberate people from a life of struggle with food addiction and obesity & all the comorbidities and to help bring them into a new life of freedom, better health, joy and self-respect.