Chef Rudy Melchiorre

Before Chef Rudy Melchiorre (the owner and operator of the renowned Clara's Restaurant  in the western suburbs of Chicago Illinois) became the designated Chef for The Plourdé Institute, he was a client of Dr. Plourdé.

His story of transformation is truly an inspiration!

Battling obesity from childhood and a lifelong struggle with food addictive behavior, Rudy suffered pain in every area of his life.

Racked with pain, he decided to take the first step and call The Plourdé Institute. From the very first day, his eyes were opened to the interdisciplinary science-based approach to weight-loss crafted by Dr. Plourdé.

In less than one year, Rudy lost over 100 pounds of body fat weight and has since maintained that weight-loss success for more than four years.

He had lost and gained 20 to 30 pounds more than five times in his life. Experiencing confusion, frustration and anger, he was unable to get real traction in his weight-loss journey.

That all ended on the first day he entered the Plourdé science-based weight-loss program.


"I feel better in every way. The emotional impact of my success is beyond words."

Since that time, he has become the designated Chef of The Plourdé Institute. With our team of culinary coordinators and input from clients, he has created countless recipes utilizing Dr. Plourdé's unique protocol of culinary art and science.  All recipes developed for the recipe library are backed by metabolic testing with human subjects. This process verifies that the cumulative impact of the ingredients AND the cooking procedures in no way cause an enzyme suppression within the human fat cell. In layman's terms-this means that you can enjoy the superb recipes without any hindrance in your weight-loss effort.

Think of it-a weight-loss program that's  scientifically verified and allows for a delightful culinary experience.

Thank you Chef Rudy!

Chef Rudy Melchiorre