Chef Sonny Weiss

Celebrity chef, Sonny Weiss, appeared as a chef on the TV show “American Casino” in 2002 on the Discovery Channel.

Chef Sonny was formally trained in Culinary Arts in the Chicago area. He received sage career advice from chef Paul Prudhomme and trained under world-renowned chefs Wolfgang Puck and Daniel Boulud. 

Chef Sonny’s career has spanned over 30 years functioning as the personal chef for a long list of famous actors, athletes, musicians, and billionaires. 

He has served as the executive chef at a variety of prestigious restaurants and culinary establishments such as Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas and many others around the country. 

Perhaps his most notable accomplishment is the collaboration with Dr. David Plourdé, Ph.D. the founder of The Plourdé Institute, and their development of the discipline entitled “culinary art and science”. This is the scientific examination of individual ingredients and cooking procedures in recipe design backed by metabolic research – testing the impact of underlying chemical aspects of food and its influence on the enzyme hormone sensitive lipase and it’s regulation of fat cell weight.

Chef Sonny brings to the table a superior customer service mindset with front of house skills that will make anyone feel like they’re the most important person in the room.

His passion to create recipes that are both mouthwateringly delicious and metabolically optimum is a skill set that is rare among chefs throughout the world. The Plourdé Institute is proud to welcome back Executive Chef Sonny Weiss as the leader in Culinary Services.

Chef Sonny Weiss